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TPS Display Service

example code for a service that displays the tps in an overlay in the bottom left corner of the screen.

To register a service, click the service button in the bottom left next to "running". Give it a name, and assign a file. the enable/disable will determine if the service should start at startup, you can manully start/stop with the run/stop button.

// services start with minecraft, when enabled and are meant to be persistent scripts.
const d2d = Hud.createDraw2D()
let tpsmeter;
d2d.setOnInit(JavaWrapper.methodToJava(() => {
    tpsmeter = d2d.addText(World.getServerTPS(), 0, d2d.getHeight() - 10, 0xFFFFFF, true);
const ticklistener = JsMacros.on("Tick", JavaWrapper.methodToJava(() => {
// this fires when the service is stopped
event.stopListener = JavaWrapper.methodToJava(() => {